Intec Micros are official distributors of Riello UPS, world leaders in Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

Intec Micros are proud to announce we have become the exclusive official distributor for Riello UPS. Riello UPS is the UK subsidiary of the Riello Elettronica Group, a company founded in 1986. Originally a manufacturer of power switching supplies for IT, the Group evolved into uninterruptible power supplies. It took on its present structure, becoming the parent company for the rest of the Group’s businesses, in 1995, and is now in the top four manufacturers of UPS in the world.

Riello UPS offer a complete range of single and three phase UPS from 400W to 6.4MW, for applications ranging from home offices to large industrial plants to data centres.

UPS Generator Bespoke Solutions
Riello UPS’s award-winning range of uninterruptible power supply systems incorporates solutions for every application, from domestic use and home offices through to factories, utilities and data centres. From telecommunications, to transportation and medical applications, UPS battery power can keep your business operating during short-term power outages. If your circumstances or setting demand something different to an off-the-shelf solution, we offer a range of tailored power supply solutions to suit your needs.

Transfer Systems
Software & Connectivity Solar Inverter

Static transfer switches and UPS bypass systems that ensure continuous and reliable power distribution. The complete range of Riello UPS software for uninterruptible power supplies, including network communication cards, environmental sensors, remote monitoring devices, and UPS management software. AROS Solar Technology, the renewable energy division, provides coverage of every need, from small domestic systems of just a few kilowatts to solar power plants with several megawatts.

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